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Howdy! Thanks for your interest in knowing more…

First, let me introduce myself. I belong to India, ‘the land of culture’. Currently staying in the Nasik city. By profession I am an architect & designing is my passion. As a Piscean I have a natural inclination towards art, design & creativity. I think this might be one reason as to why I am into blogging. I have a keen Interest in writing, have ventured to a distant depth in poesy. Apart from architecture, I like to design icons, logos, book-covers, brochures & even like to design my desktop wallpapers (!) I have brushed out a lot of art-paintings & also am ever-exploring the world of photography. I would like to put up my work in here, which will follow this page.

I started blogging from mid-august 2009, so it’s almost a year now. Presently I am not thinking to use blogging as a source of income. Within this one year, most of the time I was in the process of exploring the various facades of blogging, as I think it’s not sensible to keep counting on as to how Many posts have is churned out. Instead I would like to be less on number of posts & more on quality & content of my posts.

Enough of ME, I will put some light on ‘why & what’ about my blog. I have started this blog because I want to document my life-experiences, share them with you readers. I want to give out all that’s interesting in my e-life as well as my real-life, I also want to know what YOU have to say on a said topic of interest. I started this blog because I want to get heard, I want people to know what I can do. I started this blog to help people in whatever way I can, by posting tips, info, solutions, suggestions & opinions on any said topic which is relative to me or of which I have the knowledge. As I keep on learning new things I want you to learn along with me.
So I think this suffices the need of the question…why? & what? is this blog.

Do check my ‘Works’ Page to have a look at my design life.
…& yes, Comments, Suggestions & Critics are all welcome with a heart as open as ever & anon. 🙂

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