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For All my Cat Lovers!

March 31, 2013


I am back…& this time I have resolved on running a full-fledged blog dedicated to my cats, other’s cats and…well all cats. I was bit too busy with travelling on the ‘very eventful’ road of my life and so it took this long to produce a new post here at Design Life Notes. But Now I think I can easily do regular postings as I now have the power of Wordmobi

So the thing is I, since a couple of weeks was thinking whether I should make a separate blog for my cat-love or should I just continue using this blog as a platform; but then I thought it to be unfair for my cats-love to not have a unique space. So today I baked up a fine blog fresh from the wordpress oven for all my cat-loving friends here.

It all started with my little cat ‘Tuki’ so I have given the blog her name. Also it will showcase all the various beautiful episodes of her life, she is now 7 years old so as I will be weaving in her life story right from the beginning ..I have a lot of work to do…like going back to her first video I shot in the year 2007 and then posting events chronologically all along till 2013…but yes, it’ll be fun and I am not going to do this with hyper-speed. It’s like a TV soap for you readers, every once in a while I will be posting the sweet memories mixed with a nice story to make it more palatable and fun.

you’ll find this new blog here…

Tuki’s Story

I request all my friends to please visit this new blog and pitch in with your ideas, thoughts or comments. As of now there is just one post but I’ll be posting very soon.


Vishal Kuberkar

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