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10 Tips to keep your Cat’s Paws Healthy

September 11, 2011

Cats are undoubtedly a boon to us humans in a number of ways. Check this link out if you really need the proof! The most accepted fact is that being with a cat pet keeps you de-stressed most of the time. With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion, affection, patience, dignity, and courage, it’s really hard to not love your cat. Cats are not ‘demanding-pets’ but they need to be taken care of regularly. Cats are known to be finicky or say extra-conscious about their cleanliness. Cats need to get used to the feeling of touch on their paws so that you can then take care of them. Here I will put forth 10 Feline Paw Care Tips which will definitely ensure that you have a happily prowling, rollicking & healthy Feline companion.

01.Start at Early age: Starting a paw examination routine in cats early age will help in getting your cat comfortable and habitual.

As we all know that cats hate it when their paws get wet and they even don’t like their paws to be touched by anyone. Therefore, start at an early stage, that is from the kitten-stage and maintain the paws of the cat by keeping them clean and caring for the paws. This would be beneficial as the feline would get accustomed to the routine or lifestyle inculcated from a tender age.

02.Do the basic warm wipes: Clean the paws by wiping with a soft cloth dipped in luke warm water at least once a day.

On a daily basis, take out time to clean or wash the delicate paws of the cat by a soft, damp cloth dipped in luke warm water. Say, just give the soft paws a sponge bath. This helps in keeping the paws soft, clean and healthy.

03.Maintain the cat nails: Carefully clip cat’s nails

To keep your cat’s paws clean, trim the nails. Massage the paws and make the cat feel comfortable in the first stage. Gently apply pressure on the foot so that the cat take out the claws. Use a high quality scissor to clip the nails. Be extra cautious to avoid the sensitive areas like the ‘vein’ or the pink areas which can cause bleeding.  However, if it does happen, apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. In case if the bleeding doesn’t stop you should take your pet to a nearby Veterinary doctor Finally, praise the little feline and also feed him his special or favourite food whenever you trim the claws.

04.Provide scratch-wood for clawing: Ensure safety for cat’s nails

Keep scratching posts or pads available for your cat at home to provide safe areas for scratching and clawing. It needs space to stretch muscles, maintain their claws and stay healthy and happy. This way you can avoid them scratching the furniture and carpets.

05.Trim the fur: In case the feline is hairy

If you have a cat who possess long and furry hair, do regular hair grooming and keep the area near the toes free of hair. Let the toes breathe, thus keeping them dry and reduce the chances of getting infected.

06.Do the Basics Right: Keep the dwelling place clean.

First and foremost, keep the dwelling area of the cat clean and tidy. It should be free from dust and must be dry. Cats are a finicky lot and they do not like to stay in a dirty, wet and a shabby place. So, keep it as clean and dry as possible. Keep a comfortable bedding for the cat and clean the Litter Box regularly.

07.Monitor your companion: Check for obsessive cleaning of paws by the cat, it may be due to infection or injury

If the cat is continuously cleaning or licking it’s paws, then this could be alarming for you! Check if there is any infection or some kind of injuries which it is suffering.

08.Protection for the paws in extreme weather condition: Take care during weather change

During Winters and Summers, keep the paws moisturized by a medicated lotion recommended by the vet. Try and avoid letting your companion roam around the outskirts of the house without your supervision or rough surface.

09.Know your feline companion well: Investigate the breed of the cat to know if they are susceptible or prone to any certain paw issues. 

Investigation should be done preferably before you bring your little companion home, about the breed- specifics facts, including the paws-venerability of your cat. This investigation report will be the guide book, tailored specifically to your cat’s paws well-being.

10.Avoid De-clawing: Let the cat enjoy it’s right to scratch!!!

As a proud cat owner, which you should be, always respect the way the nature has created your feline friend. Nails are as important to the cat as fingers are to human being. Honour your cat’s natural instinct of clawing. De-clawing is absolutely inhuman and banned in most of the world. The best way to avoid destructive scratching by your cat is to maintain a regular nail trimming schedule  Also if possible opt for Vinyl claw caps are an easy, inexpensive alternative to declawing your cat or cats. These soft vinyl claw covers come in a variety of sizes to fit over your cat’s claws whether he is a kitten or an adult. They come in clear and colored varieties. They last four to six weeks, and fall off when your cat’s nails grow out. Vinyl caps are easy to apply; simply fill them with the adhesive, pop them over your cat’s claw, and hold them in place for a few seconds until the adhesive sets. Vinyl claw caps are affordable and don’t cause your cat any pain or discomfort.

Following these above mentioned points will definitely ensure to keep your cat healthy and clean. Love your cat as it is. Don’t be conditional. Always remember that if you care and love them, you will get back in folds… the love from your little feline friend!!!

As it is rightly quoted, “There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat. – Wesley Bates”, love them and live with them in a happy world!!!


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