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The Hunt For the Best Free Desktop E-mail Client.

January 20, 2011


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Howdy Friends,

Recently I had to Format my Laptop but then that’s even better, a fresh new system yay! so now I decided to use a desktop based e-mail client, One reason for this being gmail on the slower side due to my slow internet connection :-I so I began the hunt, this was the most relevant post I read n so thought of amplifying my read.

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Best 6 FREE Desktop Email Clients except Microsoft Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird: (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Thunderbird with Lightning extension is just Outlook with the advantage that it is FREE. So if you are not in the mood of spending some money just for email client, then Thunderbird is the way to go. Thunderbird can do everything Outlook can do. Generally a default choice for Linux users after Evolution.

Zimbra: (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Zimbra is a Yahoo! product which is very new to this market. Check out my earlier post about it. Zimbra has so many features that it can easily replace Thunderbird and Evolution for Linux at least. I use Zimbra Desktop on my Ubuntu machine and stopped using Thunderbird and Evolution both. Best thing you can get all your Yahoo! emails without purchasing Premium membership.

Windows Live Mail Desktop: (Windows only)

If you don’t want to purchase Microsoft office and you are Windows fan, then Windows Live Mail Desktop is the email client you will wanna go for any Windows machine. Windows Live Mail Desktop provides you access to your free Hotmail or Live emails. You don’t have to buy premium membership if you use this software.

Evolution: (Windows and Linux)

Default email application for those using Linux. Exactly same look as Microsoft Outlook. Evolution is not fully developed for Windows though as seemingly there is not much interest for this software in Windows because of the wide variety already available.

GMX Mail Web Based

I have written about this service before. And I repeat again, it is definitely one of the best services to try online for email client. Very cool features, you can get all your email at one place and then access them wherever you are. It even provides you 1GB online storage as well. Check out this post.

Oho Mail Web Based

Zoho mail is one of the many services Zoho provides. Its again web-based so you are not attached to just one machine to access all your emails. Zoho mail provides an option to arrange mails in folders and labels both as against other application which support just one. Zoho mail provides integration with other productivity services.


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