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Meet Lenne’ & Louie’ (Tuki the Cat’s New-born babies)!

October 22, 2010

Hello Readers!

It’s been a while since I wrote a post at DLN. Looking for the perfect reason to write a post…& finally I get to find one! One more thing I would like to say is that during the past month, I realized that my first post ‘I Love Cats‘ is still in news. Daily, at least 10-15 visits! wow …very Inspiring. Thanks to Tamar, her facebook page & her blog.

On 22 September 2010 Tuki my lovely cat gave birth to 4 babies. But unfortunately 2 of them died shortly after birth. One of the four babies was not well-formed, meaning some of his intestines were hanging out of his stomach when he came out. 😦 that was a horribly unfortunate moment of my life, & before my vet doctor arrives, he died. And shortly…maybe after 4-5 hr, another one died. As I was having a close watch on all the now 3 remaining babies of tuki, I figured out that he died due to his inability to snuggle up to his mama’s stomach to have the milk. I thought of putting that baby onto his mother’s breast myself but opted out as we all know we should not touch the new-born kittens at least for a day or two, to avoid infection and mother cat’s wrath.

alas if I could have been able to save at-least one of them, but destiny comes as a stapled note-paper with the new-born… But now take a look at the fortunate side of the story, yes now tuki the cat is the proud mother of two kittens, One boy & One Girl. I took the privilege to Christianize them! The boy’s name is LOUIE & the girl’s to be called by the name LENNE. 😀  (sweet names right?!)

Now I have more & more reasons to be happy, content in my little happy family! The kids are now able to walk without flip-flopping, Lenne is very active & louie is very naughty 🙂 Tabby my tom cat has nicely taken up the role of a caring father. (to know who tabby is read this post) So now I have Four Cats with me…Tuki (The sweet mom) Tabby (biggest fan of mine!) Lenne (the sweet girl star) & Louie (the naughty cotton ball!). More than eager to show you the pics & yes…I also have a video in the box for you. So here we go!!!

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  1. I HAVE CAT permalink
    October 23, 2010 2:49 am

    how wonderful! kitties! i’m so sorry to hear two of the little ones didn’t make it…..must have been very hard for you and mommy kitty 😦
    The pictures and video are ADORABLE! Thanks so much for including links to I HAVE CAT! that’s very kind. Now will you promise to get Tuki spayed and the kittens too?~ 🙂

    • October 23, 2010 12:46 pm

      Hey Tamar,
      good to see your comment. Thanks. Now as far as the promise goes, yes I am going to spay tuki & even louie, but I have decided against in case of lenne…the reason is I would want to let the generations of tuki continue with my own generations to come, so lenne will be allowed to be mom only once in her life time…and if god bestows his blessings then she will be giving birth to at-least one female kitty, then again that girl will be allowed to be mom, once in her lifetime, & ….so on , like that. And be assured that even all my generations will be very affectionate with cats…so that’s my plan, How do you like that tamar what are your views on that?! please let me know…bye and take care.

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