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The Big New ‘Delicious-Letdown’

July 25, 2010

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I happened to create a brand new Delicious Bookmarking account, reasons…as my old account was too much hotchpotch, moreover the email by which I created tha old account has been disposed by me due to some dreadful reasons, so I went to delicious site and clicked the ‘join now’ link to create a new account, surprisingly it asked me to log-in to a yahoo account. Fortunately I had one yahoo account, so I logged in then I was redirected to the page which asked me to whether I want to create a new delicious account, yes…thus I got a new delicious account, but now every time I want to sign in to my delicious account, I need to go thru this process of logging in to the yahoo account and then getting to the delicious account. This in itself is quite frustrating, I did research on ‘how to create a delicious account without a yahoo account’, the answer is NO…you cannot do so now.

One of the delicious support team member wrote in a forum, “All new accounts need to be created using a Yahoo ID, I’m curious as to why signing in with your yahoo account is more annoying than having to sign in with another account. I realise that creating an account takes more time now, but once that’s done, logging in is just entering a username and password, or are there other issues that you have?

A number of problems pop-up in this case, let us see what are the ill-effects of these new changes in the famous delicious service…

  1. Creating an account on delicious takes more time now that what it took before.
  2. There are now two sign-in API’s for delicious, one for old type accounts & one for the new yahoo-aided delicious accounts. And sadly they have not been merged together & neither will in the near future. (as informed by the delicious support guy).
  3. There are people arround who really don’t use any yahoo services (you think of the reasons 🙂 ) so if you want to use delicious now then you have to compulsorily use yahoo…one of my friend says “i just don’t want a yahoo-account because i don’t need the yahoo-services at all, so damn this delicious I will move to some other bookmarking services instead”
  4. As you don’t get a direct username & password for delicious, instead you get a yahoo ID so you can’t use a Chrome Extension because Yahoo! ID is not a Delicious account.
  5. New accounts can only be made through Yahoo ID. That means you are using webmail. Most of the institutes & offices of education and schools BLOCK webmail. So, Delicious is effectively shut off from the public education sector.
  6. Sign in with Yahoo ID doesn’t work with most of the service providers on Android devices, while it looked so easy when the login was directly on delicious.

So you see Delicious is in a fix now, and statistics say it’s popularity is dropping down with time…Since delicious service has been taken over by Yahoo!. It seems that Yahoo only have a balance sheet in mind and of course there is nothing wrong with doing business profitably but not at the cost of customer-satisfaction…the buisness will surely settle out in the end.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 24, 2010 9:26 am

    That seems strange. I haven’t been using Delicious for a while but it’s definitely weird that you have to login in using your Yahoo account. Through this Delicious will probably lose a lot of its users.

    • August 24, 2010 12:49 pm

      Yes Julius sure delicious will loose a lot of users unless yahoo men allow a direct login…
      anyways thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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