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Tabby… the smart kid!

July 23, 2010


Today I am more than happy to introduce you all to my smart little kitty-kid…name’s Tabby. Actually It happened so that one fine day my me & my wife were shopping at a market place nearby my house, we had finished our shopping and were heading towards home, suddenly we noticed that from the other side of the busy road, a very small kitten was trying to cross the road; a lot of vehicles were going to & fro and it almost seemed that this weak little kitten wont be able to make it to the other side of the road alive, I hurriedly took big steps forward in an attempt to save the sweet little baby, but astonishingly the kitten somehow managed to cross the road.

we both were relieved to see the kitten safe, but as the kitten crossed the road it sat in front of a car’s wheel, the car was at a halt and the driver was talking to someone & could have rolled the car any time on the road so again the poor little kitten’s life was at stake, so this was the moment I thought I cannot leave this baby like this and quickly picked him up and took him home.

Now as I have mentioned in the earlier posts, I already have one cat and a doggy, and when I got the little kitten home both my babies welcomed the new member happily, though my cat took a while to get friendly with the kitten. Then we discovered that it is a male kitten so we named him as Tabby, coz it was rhymingly suitable to my cat’s name Tuki…TUKI, TABBY & JERRY. He is almost 6 to 7 months old now, also has gained some weight. He, unlike tuki shows his affection for all the members of our family quite often. He is having a peculiar habit, whenever he gets to see and smell my wife’s dresses and clothes he sits near the folded clothes quite cozily & starts sucking the ends of the cloth as if he is having his mamma’s milk, we don’t stop him from doing so, but sometimes I ask myself this question, ” is he missing his mamma?, have I separated him from his mother? but then I think what if I would,nt have picked him up? only to let him die?!…I always make sure he feels happy being with me and my little family…and give him loads of affection, Love & care. Like a father to his son.

Here are a few pics of the Smart Kid Tabby, also a couple of videos of him I will put in the next post. Hope you liked this post. What do you think of Tabby. Do comment. see you soon.

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  1. Zeus.Longman permalink
    July 24, 2010 1:34 pm

    The moment I stumbled upon this website I said, ‘yes even I want one like this’ and the photos of tabby are very sweet, he is a very lucky boy to be saved by you and get adopted. Being human is what we all should strive for these days as the humanness is vanishing out of our hearts as we are progressing with time.
    keep the work close to your heart.

    Z e u s i s m s

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