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Design Fervency

July 19, 2010

I have always felt to do the design…as an architect I am passionate on designing plans & layouts (simultaneously in the third dimension) of buildings. Similarly designing Logos & Icons has been quite a satisfying thing of interest to me. I have designed a 60 odd logos & some 500+ Icons (*.ico) Designing Icons is a very intuitive process, today we would hardly see any website which does not display any icons; Icons abound within our computers. From operating systems to web pages, these miniature graphics carry the responsibility of providing  user-friendly computer and Internet navigation.

Today I am happy to share with you some of select icons which I have designed. I would like to share more…I have also designed a sizeable set of  “Social bookmarking/networking icons” which encompass icons of facebook, linkedin, twitter, technorati, digg, plurk, stumble upon, mixx and a lot more, one can use these icons on ones website or blog to allow the readers to bookmark or share it with others. Your comments are important to me so please comment and download the icons which you like (just click on the image of the corresponding icon to download it.)

hear you soon 🙂

(Note: When you click on the icon image you will be taken to the download page hosted by mediafire, there you may see an image saying file not found, ignore the image and just hit the download file you’ll get the proper *.ico file which you wanted. This is a problem with mediafire, that when you upload an ico file it does upload the file correctly but does not show the image of the icon, so nothing to worry…just download it, and enjoy)

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