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The Hunt for Online Bookmarking Service

July 12, 2010

Howdy Friends,

I have been using LASTPASS since more than 6 months now, and I am more than satisfied with what I am getting from the web password management service. The reason why I started using Lastpass was because I wanted to keep all my web-account logins and passwords handy as I had pain in remembering more than a 200+ logins each time I sit on a new computer. So like wise I now want my bookmarks to be mobile for me…i.e be online and easily accessible…so I am on a hunt for which service is best to keep my bookmarks online…the first search result when I googled “best online bookmarking service” was this, Thought of sharing it with you all…cheers

The 5 best online bookmarking services


I love you so much, I wrote it down in a bookYou probably browse the web from home, at work and possibly on your smartphone. If you do, storing bookmarks in the browser can be annoying and counterproductive. You need an online bookmarking tool to have easy access to all your favorite web sites regardless of which device you use to get online. Here are Pandia’s top 5 social bookmarking services.
  • A certain amount of users is essential. Otherwise the social aspect looses relevance.
  • Advanced search tools is a must — before you know it, you have gathered hundreds of bookmarks.
What to look for
  • There has to be extensive documentation, FAQ and/or help pages.
  • Import and export tools are important. Import is necessary for adding old bookmarks from your browser, export is important for backup (the Magnolia disaster has made the need for backup painfully evident). You also need export to ensure that your bookmarks can go with you to another service if you decide to switch.
  • A good bookmarking service should have RSS feeds of users, tags, groups etc.
  • A blog is good (although not strictly a requirement). I like to keep up to date about new features, bugs, bug fixes and more.
diigo social bookmarkingDiigo is fun! It is my absolute favorite. This service has an enormous amount of tools and features — it is more than a bookmarking service, it is a complete tool for online research.
deliciousDelicious is owned by Yahoo. It is by far the most popular social bookmarking tool out there, but it is not rich in features. It is easy to use, though, and has a huge community, which makes it a very valuable tool.
furlFurl is part of the Looksmart family and has been around forever (like Delicious, Furl launched in 2003).
Mister Wong
mister wongMister Wong is developed in Germany and is Europe’s largest bookmarking service. Though it started in German, Mister Wong is now available in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and French.
simpySimpy is another old-timer in the world of social bookmarking. Unlike Furl , Simpy hasn’t updated its look much. This gives it an odd but cute retro look. This does not compromise ease of use, though.
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  1. Henry Maxim permalink
    July 12, 2010 7:05 pm

    I use Sticky Password manager instead of Lastpass.

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