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Welcome to Design Life Notes. This is a blog especially for you who relishes the flavour of \'design\'. Design of thoughts, Ideas; design of things you use, things you see; It can be a design of a logo, book cover, your blog, or design of your room, your home, your space. So this blog is here to SHARE this very \'design\' of your \'life\'. and magnify the way we use our short we share & enjoy our \'Design Life Notes\' :-)

Hello Friend Re…

October 5, 2013

Hello Friend Readers,
Posting an off-schedule post here on Just to thank all my readers and followers; feels great that so many of you are liking my content. Keep visiting and do not forget to drop by a word or two in the comments area. Thank You


The Amazing Borobudur

July 1, 2013

Hello Reader friends,

First of all a big thanks to all those who liked my previous post  70′s Classic Prototype Cars!
Today I will share with you some breath-taking photos of one of the largest, ancient naturally made structures of the world…It’s known by the name “Borobudur”. Here are some facts about this splendid ancient monument

About: Borobudur, or Barabudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.
Construction started: 750 AD
Area: 2,500 m²
Opened: 825 AD
Address: Indonesia
Architectural style: Architecture of India
Architect: Gunadharma

Some 1,200 years ago builders carted two million stones from local rivers and streams and fit them tightly together without the aid of mortar to create a 95-foot-high (29-meter-high) step pyramid. More than 500 Buddha statues are perched around the temple. Its lower terraces include a balustrade that blocks out views of the outside world and replaces them with nearly 3,000 bas-relief sculptures illustrating the life and teachings of the Buddha. Together they make up the greatest assemblage of such Buddhist sculpture in the world. Here are the photos… Enjoy!


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